Get Money

December 23, 2015 |

The Get Money – Commercialization Strategy Remix was inspired by a class I took while enrolled in the MSTC (Masters of Science in Technology Commercialization) program offered at The University of Texas at Austin – McCombs School of Business.

The class (Commercialization Strategy) was taught by Dr. Melissa Graebner and Dr. Luis Martins and focused on different steps and strategies for turning technology and innovation into dollars.

What started as as a conversation about rap with Dr. Graebner turned into me taking the syllabus and writing a song about market research, finding your target market, raising seed money, marketing, exit strategies and more.


Verse 1

You gotta find an opportunity by reading they mind

You gotta give em what they want and have ’em standing in line

As a young CEO you gone need cash flow

All the product gotta go our we outta the do(or)/dough

I got my feet in the street and I’m spreading the word

Now everybody wanna meet tryna partner and merge

They scared to compete our technology emerging

Im looking over stats and the facts like a surgeon

Make the most of my at bats, now my profits surging

Generated funds, like we projected

Your network’s your net worth and I’m WELL CONNECTED

Investors respect it, they get a return

Now I’m making money off the value I earn


Let me bring it back, please dont be mad at me, i gotta talk a little more about using strategies, to GET MONEY to GET MONEY

Verse 2

Do the most with what you got as you scheme and you plot

You gotta keep a wide focus but go after the dot

I got a Tarket Market and they ready to spend

I gotta find a way to win so I’m looking at trends

When its time to raise ends, I’m calling family and friends

When done made $100k since the beta began

The enterprise is on the rise we looking better everyday

The money multiplied and I think we on the way

Even though we making bread we gone still look ahead

Wise and well lead or eventually dead

Do you wanna cash out or see the company grow?

Is it selling out to the competition or IPO?

I read the proposition and I don’t know

The price is too low bro, we worth mo(re)

We’ve been grinding for years, blood sweat and tears

Living out our dreams and defeating our fears

Were pioneers in the game

Raised up with innovation while making change

So the thought of a vacation is sounding strange

I want a corporation on the stock exchange

Ching Ching!! Get MONEY!!


Let me bring it back, please dont be mad at me, i gotta talk a little more about using strategies, to GET MONEY to GET MONEY

Location: University of Texas at Austin

Editor: Connor Pickens

Cinematographer: Taylor E. Washington

Audio Recorded by: Will Stephens, TheLab45 Recording Studio